...who falls before my balefull eye...


At 15:05, Blogger Miles said...

Hey thanks for the shout out!

At 10:19, Blogger TRUTH_FINDER said...

Hi Jack,
I have read your comments on my site and here. What that lady said is her words I found in a booklet titled "ISLAM OUR CHOICE, Impressions of Converts to Islam" and I did not put the words in her mouth. If you want a copy, please email me with your postal address.

Moreover, I have already posted a reply to your comment in the same place in my site for your reference please.

Finally, the word "self-styled" caused a lot of pain to me because I did not expect it from a man of a big heart and a big mind like you.

My site is just a window on Islam for Non-Moslems to know about facts of Islam through the links and quotes I put there. As you know, Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the West. There are many untrue stories and lies associated with Islam and Moslems. My site will never represnt anything except facts.

Highest Regards,

At 07:07, Blogger TRUTH_FINDER said...

Hi Jack,
Thank you very muuch. The way you reacted made me feel that we will be friends. Now, I am waiting for your next comment in my site.
Good Luck.

Highest Regards,


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